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Speed Factory

Champion Training Academy is designed to teach athletes that in any sport, SPEED is KING and athletes are judged on their ability to move fast.

Lightning-Quick Speed is our goal…speed that you can use and control during the game. Athletes will learn the same drills and techniques that college and professional athletes use to become quicker, stronger, and faster.

Speed Coach Chris Rix averaged a 4.5 - 40 yard dash during his career and often recorded times in the 4.4 range. His fastest electronic time recorded was a 4.46, which was and is still considered elite speed for a quarterback. In addition, Coach Rix participated in the track and field 100 meters during his senior year at Florida State University, being coached by National Champion Track & Field Coach Ken Harnden.

Champion covers proper start form and technique for the 40 yard dash as well as the advanced methods of acceleration and top speed training. Because without an adequate stance, start, acceleration and top speed mechanics, running your fastest 40 time is impossible. Speed work demands a high level of motivation and concentration! Remember that speed is a skill. With Champion's Speed Factory, any athlete can add the skills needed to reach their full speed potential, so they can shave tenths off their fastest 40 times! Speed Factory is for parents looking to give their young athletes a jump start on the competition or for high school and college athletes who are preparing for combine and 40 time testing.

Speed Camp offers:

• Speed and Resistance Training...

• Pro Combine & Agility Training...

• Plyometric and Incline/Mountain Training...

• Aqua Training in Pool...

While results from Champion's Speed Factory may be fractions of a second, they can have an affect on thousands of dollars in college scholarships and future earnings.