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Champion Scholarship Program

The CHAMPION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM aims to identify and remove financial barriers for families who desire to further the development of a qualified student-athlete through sports and education.

Candidates are chosen on the basis of their outstanding character, academic standing, and motivation to learn.

The CHAMPION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM helps to ensure the development and growth of all future student-athletes.

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LEGACY Partner: $500+/mo

HERO Partner: $100 - $250/mo

CHAMPION Partner: $25 - $50/mo

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Coach  Richard Shelko Coach Richard Shelko was born on March 18, 1939 in Clinton Iowa and was raised by Marvin and Dorothy Shelko. He graduated from Northern Iowa University with a bachelors in physical education and earned a masters at Humboldt State University.

He was a successful football coach and worked at the high school and collegiate level. He retired in 2002 and spent his time traveling the world and spending time at his favorite spot, Lake Almanor. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Shelko, his two daughters Tami and Kim, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He had a passion for the game of football, the men that played the game and was extremely proud of his grandson and quarterback, Tanner East-Shelko.

Join The Coach Shelko Scholarship Team and make a lasting impact in honor of Coach:

COACH SHELKO Scholarship Partner:
$25 - $100/monthly partner

*Coach Shelko Scholarship Partners will have their name
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Call (626) 646-9594 with questions and to securely process your monthly contributions or CC donation. 

You can also make a one time donation in honor of Coach Shelko to the Champion Scholarship Program. Thank You.